Seminar Optimizing future food supply chains

Seminar Optimizing future food supply chains

18/09/2024 12:30 - 13:30 Flanders Expo

Optimizing future food supply chains : managing quality and cost using current technologies

September 18  at 12h30 PICS Belgium will host a seminar at Transport & Logistics


Optimizing Food Supply Chains is often a challenge. Matching supply/production to demand is very crucial in these supply chains seen the often limited shelve life of the products and the quality and tracing concerns that are attached to these flows. Often these chains are temperature controlled, meaning quite expensive warehousing, transportation and distribution is also part of the optimization exercise. In these supply chains margins are often small, meaning optimization not only focusses on quality, but certainly also on cost.

Two PICS Belgium board members and one guest speaker will bring some insights in how to optimize food supply chains, giving the audience ideas for improvements:

  • Insight in the future of the food supply chains
  • Use of IOT based solutions and technology in the food supply chains : production, warehousing and distribution
  • Technical, practical case on food coolbox IOT track & trace – hardware and software
  • The stable shipping pallet, basis for a distribution with lowered shipper responsibilities – the new legistation

Speakers: Jan De Kimpe, Stefan Rusu, Guido De Block 

More information about the conference program will be available soon.


Register here for free on the Transport & Logistics website and mark September 17 and 18, 2024, in your calendar!

We look forward to meeting  you there!


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