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In-House Training


Your Company will benefit from our ‘In-House Training’ by reinforcing your goals and allowing your staff to acquire knowledge applicable to their facility.

Why not try this convenient training format to help your employees gain the knowledge needed to compete in today’s business environment ?

If several people in your company have the same learning needs, an in-house program will probably be the most effective option.

Our in-house trainings are easy to arrange and can be combined with case studies and real data to substantially enhance the transfer of knowledge back to the organization. Moreover, it allows you to shape the message and style of the presentation to suit the unique character of your business model, and is often the most appropriate and cost effective alternative if you wish to train a number of employees or when confidentiality needs to be guaranteed.

In other words:

  • Establish a base of knowledge throughout your organization
  • Target your Challenges and opportunities
  • Address your specific training requirements
  • Educate your employees
  • Do it at your own time, location, and place

Two formulas are available:

  • Standard training courses

    Our existing range of courses covering the following topics :

    • Certified Supply Chain Professional as a preparation for the ‘CSCP certification’
    • Certified Production and Inventory Management as a preparation for the ‘CPIM certification’
    • Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution for the ‘CLTD certification’
    • Hands-on Supply Chain Management
    • Warehousing DNA
    • Distribution Logistics
    • Warehouse Physics
    • Masterclass Pragmatisch Voorraadbeheer

  • Tailor-made training courses

    Here you can cherry-pick any subjects from our existing courses and the seminars which we have held. These topics can be supplemented with practical exercises based on presented case or your data and assembled in such a way it perfectly fits your specific needs.

    Advantages :

    • As the focus is entirely on your key areas, you can count on a maximum Return on Investment.
    • The Company and its trainees can enjoy and benefit from a close relationship with the trainer(s).
    • A progressive development is possible through a series of modules linked to interim projects.

We can make it work for you!

For both formulas, we will discuss with you the key business issues which need to be addressed in your Supply Chain and the likely requirements.

Based on these needs, and your specific learning objectives, we will select the most appropriate trainer(s) and submit you a proposal. As our aim is the development of a partnership between your Company and PICS Belgium, we will constantly evaluate the training and the progress of the participants.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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