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6 November 2019

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5 days from 9 till 17h


Kasteel Ter Ham, Londerzeel


English / Nederlands

Depending on the language of the participants


Supply chain management

• Critical to the success of a modern company
• Reduce costs and increase productivity
• Improve service to clients and feedback to vendors
• Enhance internal transparency


• Gain insights into the effective management of your supply chain
• Prepare for the APICS CSCP and CPIM courses/ certification program
• Hands-on Supply Chain Management Certificate
• Expand your network and meet other supply chain professionals



  • Day 1 | Topic : Beergame & Forecasting

    • Instructors :
      • Jeroen BELIEN & Stefan CREEMERS
    • Explanation :
      • The Beer Game has historically been used to illustrate the operation of a supply chain. Besides illustrating the bullwhip effect, the beer game also shows the importance of coordination, cooperation and information sharing.
      • The beer game also illustrates how important it is to have an accurate forecast of demand. After all, the smooth operation of a supply chain depends on a good forecast.
      • Therefore, the first training session deals with the preparation of a good forecast. A case and a business game is used to transmit the necessary skills and insights.
  • Day 2 | Topic : Erp Systems

    Instructor :
    • Olivier CORLUY
    Explanation :
    • We look at the substance of the management of physical and information flows in an operations system.
    • The emphasis is on how an ERP system works and how the demand is balanced with supply. The planning should show future needs for resources (staff, buildings, machinery, equipment, cash, ...) and must provide an answer to questions such as: what, how and when to obtain, create, deliver. Using a didactic ERP software we demonstrate following general planning concepts: S & OP, master planning, materials management, capacity management, planning and sequencing, purchasing and operations control. This will be the starting point to explore the role of such systems, their capabilities and limitations in the context of a dynamic company with its own complexity and uncertainty.
  • Day 3 | Topic : Inventory Management

    Instructor :
    • Jeroen BELIEN & Stefan CREEMERS
    Explanation :
    • How much stock should a company have? When do you order and how much needs to be ordered? Excessive inventories result in working capital inefficiencies. Low stocks lead to lost sales and unhappy customers.
    • Different inventory models and important basic concepts are illustrated in an interactive manner using a business game in which the participants assume the role of an inventory manager.
  • Day 4 | Topic : Supply Chain Flow

    Instructor :
    • Kris LIECKENS
    Explanation :
    • By synchronizing all the resources and buffers over the different stages from raw materials to finished goods, the method of “Supply Chain Flow”will ensure that the overall system performance improves.
    • The cooperation with different functional departments, the analysis of bottlenecks and the development of operational metrics (output, inventory, capacity, …) in addition to financial measures (profit, ROI, cash flow, …) are all key to success.
    • This training session aims to gain insight into the dynamic relationships in such a system in order to improve its planning. Various decision factors play a role: purchasing, inventory, capacity, batch size, order release, variability reduction, product portfolio, etc. The impact on KPIs, such as throughput, reliability and profit is verified by means of an interactive and competitive business game that simulates the tasks of a supply chain manager.
  • Day 5 | Topic : Project Management

    Instructor :
    • Stefan CREEMERS & Jeroen BELIEN
    Explanation :
    • Projects are everywhere in today’s business environment. To bring projects to a successful conclusion, there is a need for effective project management.
    • In this part of the course participants learn how to initiate, plan, implement, monitor and deliver a project. We follow the teachings of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and use a case (“the summer palace of Sarkozy”) to convey the basics of project management. To provide further insight, participants will also engage in a project management game in which players compete against each other to develop the best project.


Prof. Dr Jeroen BELIEN

• Professor at KU Leuven
• Board member of PICS Belgium

Prof. Dr Stefan CREEMERS

• Full Professor at IESEG School of Management
• Board member of PICS Belgium

Ir Olivier CORLUY

• Managing Director of Xeleos Consulting and Optimact
• Board member of PICS Belgium


• Researcher and teacher at UA and KU Leuven
• Board member of PICS Belgium


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