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    Warehousing in the era of automation, digitalization and remoteness

    Online training course for advanced warehouse practitioners

    At present Warehouse practitioners are challenged to design and deliver “good warehousing” in a current era of hyper-intensive and increasingly-complex customer behavior, respectively of pandemic-imposed remoteness. Another challenge to define how “good” warehousing can get, is the wide choice of warehousing technical solutions and their financial impact. At the same time suppliers push their own solutions as best practice.

    This course will help you in making the right decisions for your business by means of 3 key set questions:

    1. Is it enough to be talking only about goods-to-person (GTP) automation? How can we leverage Industry 4.0 transformations, such as IOT, Robotics, Digital Twins and Machine Learning? Let’s discuss how GTP and I4.0 are complementary and drive value for your business.
    2. Is it enough to be talking only about WMS (and corresponding upgrades)? Nowadays we also need to evaluate platforms such as WES (Warehouse Execution Systems) and new modular, significantly more agile WMS architectures based on micro computing.
    3. Is it enough to talk only about hardware and software? That is in reality only half the “Transformation story”: the human factor needs to be taken into account, studying the concept of (digitalized) warehouse operator of the future: technology-augmented and data-driven.

    These questions will be answered, by means of a completely new program, by two experts :

    • Stefan Rusu (Johnson & Johnson, Neoma Business School – France & Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University)
    • Jan De Kimpe (PICS Belgium, Logisol Pro, ART4L and KULeuven)

    The program includes, besides the lectures of these instructors, a robotics entrepreneur as guest speaker. The course also contains two facilitator-led breakout sessions, for which we invite you to bring your own challenges or ideas, from your industry and/or company – we will explore it together and discuss how they can best be addressed by means of the technologies introduced during the course, including criteria for and high-level and business case evaluation.

    Finally, to conclude the proceedings, we bring you a quest of imagination and vision: how will warehousing look like in 2050? Allow us to set the scene and let’s envision the future together. Why is this important now? Weighting all the emerging technologies, we need to start preparing soon for the long-term and thus invest time and attention in the short-term. (Most) Warehouse technologies have now reached proper and sustainable maturity for us to start trying them out – think big, start small, but start nonetheless.


    Meet the instructors and find out what this online course can do for you


    • 2022, March 17, 18 and 24
    • 3 afternoon sessions from 13.30h till 17h including regular breaks


    • Live Webinar sessions


    Price for these 3 afternoon sessions

    • PICS–members/Value Chain subscribers: 450 € + 21% VAT
    • Non members: 600 € + 21% VAT

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      • Technology and Automation Trends
      • Case study #1: Goods-to-person (GTP) systems – “The 1.000.000 different SKU e-commerce DC”
      • Case study #2: Lights-off warehousing via I4.0: IOT and robotics – “The first 3PL lights-off warehouse”
      • Technology & Automation Systems
      • Key Design principles
      • Software: State of the art – WMS, WCS
      • Software: Emerging – WES, modular architectures
      • Operator of the future: tech-augmented & data-driven
      • Breakout sessions – Bring your own challenge
      • Digital/Data: Digital Twins and Machine learning paving the way to Logistics 2050


    • English


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