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PICS Prize

The PICS prize recognizes the author of the best Master thesis that is written in the field of Supply Chain Management at a Belgian higher educational institute.

The objective of this PICS prize is twofold.

On the one hand, it aims to encourage students to get familiar with supply chain issues and best practices, this as a stepping-stone towards rewarding careers in supply chain management.

On the other hand, it wants to provide companies operating in Belgium, with the opportunity to link back their experience in supply chain management, with the knowledge of a higher educational institute in this area.

In other words, the PICS prize aims to combine knowledge from academia with practical experience from the industry. This being at the benefit of all parties: the company, the educational institute, and the student.

The winner of the PICS prize is awarded with a prize of 1000 euro.

PICS prize winner 2011 was:

Brecht Landrieux

‘De uitbouw van een netwerk voor reserveonderdelen van digitale cinemaprojectoren; Een case study bij Barco’.

Brecht Landrieux is Handelsingenieur, majoring in Production and Logistics at the KULeuven.

Spare part logistics is an emerging field in supply chain management
The approach is scientifically based, including mathematical programming
The field based application is well done, including a considerable data collection and field work
It shows how competitiveness is possible through creative business modeling
It makes use of recent advances in geographical information systems

Promotor: Prof. Nico Vandaele