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Warehousing is an important element in today’s flexible, agile and cost-efficient supply chains. Big part of customer service levels is achieved by performing warehousing activities, and warehousing typically represents around 40% of distribution budgets. Still, lot of improvement potential is available in warehousing and a lot of new technologies and supporting systems are popping up. All supply chain, logistics and warehousing responsibles should be aware of what is available today and what the future might/can/will bring. This will allow to make the correct future-proof choices.

During this 4 days course PICS Belgium and Value Chain will bring you an overview on how to understand your current warehouse DNA, but also to work on DNA (Design, New Technologies and Automation) and improve the warehouse functioning.


Improve your warehouse functioning!

  • Get insight in your current warehouse DNA
  • Improve the potential of your warehouse
  • Discover new technologies and supporting systems to improve your warehouse functioning
  • Obtain your warehouse DNA Certificate

Who can benefit from the program?

  • Supply chain professionals
  • Logistic responsibles
  • Warehouse responsibles

The Warehousing DNA training course was a real chance for me to improve knowledge and expertise regarding new technologies and digitalization in the Supply Chain area. I could also share experiences with other managers from different sectors. Very positive experience also to develop the network. Thanks PICS Belgium for organizing this event and I am looking forward to attending ohter PICS courses

Constance Verpraet – Petersime

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Training options

Instructor led

4 days training from 9 until 17h.

  • non members: 1 595 € + VAT
  • PICS-members: 1 315 € + VAT

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Inhouse training

  • On-site instructor-led delivery
  • Customisable time-frame. Full-days and half-day as per your convenience.

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