Terms & conditions

PICS Belgium vzw
Spuibeekweg 16G
3140 KEERBERGEN (België)
BE 0412.094.404

+32 494/10 28 83

  1. The participant receives an invoice to confirm his/her registration. 
  2. It must be mentioned clearly on the registration form if the invoice needs to be sent to another address. 
  3. The correct PO-number, if needed, must be mentioned on the registration form. 
  4. If invoices have to be altered because of wrongly filled in registration forms, the administrative cost of 35 euros will be charged for each new invoice or credit note. The expiry date of the original invoice remains valid for the payment and application of article 14 of these conditions. 
  5. Discounts for multiple participants from the same company are only applicable for the same training on the same date in one training year, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement. 
  6. Discount are calculated based on the calculation fee excl. VAT. 
  7. The invoices of PICS Belgium are to be paid in the 30 days following the invoice date. 
  8. The payment of the invoice can be done:
    – through transfer on the following account number BE35 4176 0946 7137, to PICS Belgium – Spuibeekweg 16G -3140 KEERBERGEN
    – through direct bank transfer
    –  by KMO Portefeuille
  9. PICS Belgium is recognized by the Flemish government as a certified training center (DV.O102417). This means you can save up to 30% by using KMO-portefeuille (this is only applicable on the training fee | not on the learning material nor catering | not on the VAT-amount). For more information visit www.vlaio.be. It is the client’s own responsibility to submit a file to the KMO-portefeuille. In case of late submit the complete amount of the invoice needs to be paid directly to PICS Belgium. 
  10. If unable to attend, a participant can be replaced by a colleague of the same company provided that a written statement is delivered beforehand. 
  11. Cancellation is only possible in writing and until 10 days before inception date of the training and provided that the amount of 75 euros administrative costs is paid. For later cancellations the full amount of the registration fee will be charged. (In case of modular trainings only the full registration fee of the next module will be charged). 
  12. PICS Belgium preserves the right to cancel or reschedule a training in case of insufficient participants. 
  13. The invoices of PICS Belgium are accepted by the client when not questioned by registered letter within the 8 days after reception. 
  14. In case of non-payment of the invoice within the 30 days, an annual interest of 10% will be legally owed without prior notice of default. In addition, a fixed compensation of 15% on the owed amounts with a minimum of 150 euros will be charged in case of non-payment within the 45 days after the expiry date, this after a written notice of default. 
  15. The Belgian law applied to the agreement between PICS Belgium and the client. Only the Courts of Leuven are competent for disagreements concerning not keeping to the terms of this agreement. 
  16. The address data of every participant of a training is saved in our CRM database. This data is only used to inform you about the activities and the training program of PICS Belgium and will not be put at the disposal of third parties. 
  17. PICS Belgium takes photographic and video material of participants at events. In registering for a training or other activity you acknowledge that we may include images of yourself intact or in part for material used in various publications, press releases, promotional activities, or other related endeavors. This material may also appear on the PICS Belgium website or related social media pages. 
PICS Belgium