Supply Chain Company Masterclass

Supply Chain Company Masterclass

11/04/2024 17:00 - 17/10/2024 21:00

Join us for the PICS Belgium Supply Chain Expedition – 2024!

Are you currently immersed in the world of Supply Chain as an expert? Do you have a thirst for exploring different facets of Supply Chain management? Are you intrigued by the strategies adopted by your peers in various companies? Would you like to tackle real-world Supply Chain challenges alongside like-minded professionals? Are you open to sharing your own professional hurdles and collaborating on potential solutions? Could you benefit from the wisdom of seasoned PICS Belgium Supply Chain experts, shared without any strings attached? Are you eager to expand your professional network?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, then you’re the perfect candidate for the PICS Belgium Supply Chain Expedition – 2024.

Join a select group of approximately 10 Supply Chain professionals on an enriching journey. Through evening sessions hosted at each participant’s company, you’ll not only deepen your connections but also gain insights into various Supply Chain processes and challenges.

Under the guidance of the nominated participant and a seasoned PICS Belgium Supply Chain expert, everything is pragmatically arranged. After a company visit, we dive into “the challenge of the evening” together, proposed by the participant and prepared together with the expert. We clarify the topic collectively, paving the way for collaborative problem-solving.

During the session, the PICS Belgium facilitator draws upon over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain consulting to present a theoretical solution. Additionally, other Supply Chain experts from PICS Belgium lend their expertise to the group.

In subsequent sessions, we reflect on the discussed challenges and progress made as a group. If needed, the PICS Belgium Supply Chain expert can be called upon for further support. And to wrap up the evening, enjoy a snack and a drink while networking with fellow professionals.

This is an all-inclusive expedition: discover, learn, solve, network, and have FUN guaranteed!


When ?

  • 2024: every 2 weeks on Thursday starting from 11th of April (18/04 – 2/05 – 16/05 – 30/05 – 13/06 – 27/06 – 5/09 – 19/09 – 3/10 – 17/10)
  • from 17 till 21h

What ?

This program offers a comprehensive agenda aimed at providing participants with valuable insights, collaborative problem-solving opportunities, and networking possibilities within the Supply Chain domain.


Participants discover, learn, solve , network and have fun with colleague SCM-experts. Opportunity for further discussions, exchange of ideas, and building professional connections.


Only PICS Belgium members can participate

  • PICS–members: 1 800 + 21% VAT

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Step 1: Week-1: preparation of Supply Chain Challenge – the nominated participant and a seasoned PICS Belgium Supply Chain expert

Step 2: Every Thursday

  • 17:00h 17:15h: Introduction of the host company
  • 17:15h 17:45h : Explanation and feedback from the previous Supply Chain challenge
  • 17:45h 18:00h: Short Break / Drinks
  • 18:00h 18:45h: Company Visit (45 minutes)
    Company Visit with an emphasis on understanding the company’s Supply Chain operations. Presentation by the host company, including a walkthrough of their Supply Chain processes and challenges. Q&A session to clarify any doubts or inquiries.
  • 19:00h – 20:30h: Supply Chain Challenge (90 minuten)
    Company Visit with a focus on the Supply Chain challenge. Presentation of the challenge, including problem statement, potential projects, and current status. Discussion and brainstorming session for possible solutions and strategies. Potential development of a business case.
  • 20:30h – 21:00h: Networking

Optional Step: extended coaching to solve the Supply Chain Challenge in a sustainable way

Supply Chain experts

Marc Van Hoeck

Hilde Lenaerts


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