Training course Sustainable Supply Chain – fundamentals

Training course Sustainable Supply Chain – fundamentals

24/09/2024 09:00 - 15/10/2024 17:00 ICHEC, Brussels

Create your sustainability roadmap and transform your Supply Chain

Why: Legal and financial requirements are forcing corporations to report and act on their sustainability. Transforming Supply Chains to become more sustainable is not optional anymore, it is compulsory for our planet & people and your profit.

How:  We will help you build your sustainability roadmap, while combining different learning approaches:

  • Academic: Five renowned teachers will expose sustainability frameworks that will impact your business, and put them in perspective.
  • Business: Five innovative executives will expose the supply chain & sustainability initiatives they have implemented, and share their lessons learned.  
  • Experience: Three business games will be played to experiment the implications of Supply Chain decisions on sustainability and profitability.

What: The course includes four days in person at ICHEC, and a virtual roadmap session:

  • Day 1: Why do we need Sustainable Supply Chains?
  • Day 2: How to transform your Supply Chain?
  • Day 3: What initiatives should you prioritize?
  • Day 4: How can you make business differently?
  • Virtual individual session: Present your sustainability roadmap and get challenged!


During the program, you will:

  • Develop a sustainable supply chain roadmap for your own organization
  • Experience Supply Chain decision tradeoffs between classical Return on Investment and Sustainability metrics.
  • Understand how Supply Chain Management can improve sustainably :
    • within the walls of a company through well-coordinated sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and planning decisions
    • across different companies by setting-up a resilient strategy to cope with Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) chains of supply
  • Deep dive into the major drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in the industry
  • Link the different possible sources of energy, such as hydrogen, with their respective cost, and CO2 emissions on different time horizons
  • Discover the key aspects of the most widely used sustainability frameworks

Target group

Business executives that want to have a significant impact on the sustainability of their organization, and understand the possible trade-offs with profitability.

We expect the participants to have:

  • A bachelor (or master) degree in Management, STEM or equivalent
  • A basic understanding of Supply Chain Management concepts
  • A professional experience in Supply Chain Management

As seats are limited, the participation will be granted based on the application file (profile and motivation).

Learning approach

This course will combine three learning approaches :

  1. Academic: Fundamental concepts will be presented by subject matter experts to better understand these challenges and guide you into the right solutions.
  2. Business: Actionable learnings will be shared by industrials that have already implemented flagship projects. You will also be required to create your own “Sustainable Supply Chain transformation roadmap”, present it, and get challenged.
  3. Experience: World famous “Serious Games” are used to introduce some Environmental & Supply Chain challenges and let you experience possible solutions : (1) The planetary boundary fresk, (2) The Tripple Connection, and a (3) Circular economy game.

The size of the group will be limited in order to obtain a good level of interactions and support.

When ?

  • 2024, September 24, October 1, 8 and 15
  • ICHEC – Anjou, Rue au Bois 365A, 1150 Brussels

What ?

  • 4 days from 9h till 17h, sandwich lunch included
  • 1 virtual individual session: to be determined (before end of 2024)
  • Language: English


Price for this training course (4 days, including lunch, and 1 individual virtual session) + certificate IFC

  • PICS–members: 1 464 € + 21% VAT
  • Non members: 1 540,50  + 21% VAT


Day 1: Why do we need Sustainable Supply Chains?

  • Legal requirements: CSRD & CSDDD, Green deal
  • Financial requirements: Taxonomy, Carbon pricing
  • Planetary requirements: The planetary boundary fresk (game)

Day 2: How to transform your Supply Chain?

  • Life Cycle Assessment / Carbon Footprint
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Planning
  • The triple connection – Part 1 (game)

Day 3: What initiatives should you prioritize?

  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • The triple connection – Part 2 (game)

Day 4: How can you make business differently?

  • Energy Management
  • New business model
  • Circular economy (game)

After a few weeks you will have the opportunity to discuss your sustainability roadmap and get challenged by one of the experts during a virtual individual session of one hour.

Guest speakers

  • ALAEZ Juan | European direct procurement lead at Air Liquid, specialized in strategic sourcing and sustainability.
  • BERGER Benjamin | Thermodynamics professor and Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Unit manager at ECAM. Belgian representative in the IEA Bioenergy Task33 and passionate about energy and sustainability.
  • BOSSUT Mariannick | Sustainability and Supply Chain Management professor at EPHEC, specialized in the humanity aid distribution.
  • DROUILLON Philippe | New sustainable business models teacher at ICHEC, and Circular Economy teacher at IESEG. Catalyst of regenerative organizations, teams, and territories.
  • DUMAS Christel | Sustainable Finance Professor and Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC, advisory committee member for KBC, Triodos, and Impact Finance Belgium.
  • GRISAY François | Sustainable Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Management professor at ICHEC, and Board member of PICS Belgium.
  • HUDLOT Brigitte | ICHEC Continuous Formation Director, and Sustainability Strategy Teacher.
  • NEVE Anthony : Strategy & Operations Manager at PwC, specialized in manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma and sustainability.
  • ROOSE Peter-Jan | Sustainability director at BrightWolves, specialized in EU Legislation, Impact Assessments and Sustainable Finance.
  • STEVENS Benoit | VP Group Controlling & Accounting at Umicore, Umicore ESG agenda steering committee member, Management and Cost Accounting professor at ICHEC.

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