Cycle Supply Chain Planning

Masterclass Pragmatic Inventory Management, Masterclass Demand Planning / Forecasting

Many companies have difficulty determining the optimal stock levels based on their inventory and supply chain strategy. There are various reasons for this, but one important reason is the lack of practical knowledge about inventory management. That is why Optimact, Xeleos Consulting and PICS Belgium have developed a unique and very practical training based on their extensive experience.

The level of inventory and the availability has not only a major impact on the performance of various departments within a company or organization, but also influences the result of the entire company. In theory, the optimal stock levels can easily be calculated by analyzing the sales, the planned sales and consumption, the delivery times and the desired service level.

This 2 day training is part of the Cycle Supply Chain Planning consisting of:

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Gain knowledge and skills in the field of demand planning and stock optimization

  • Stand above the material in the field of stock optimization
  • Create an operational plan about ‘how to proceed …’
  • Sell the plan internally and externally
  • Implement and secure the plan

Training options

Instructor led

2 days training from 9 until 17h.
Bring your own laptop!

  • non members: 795 € + VAT
  • PICS-members: 715 € + VAT
  • Save up to 30% by using “KMO Portefeuille
  • Including lunch and coffee breaks

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Inhouse training

  • On-site instructor-led delivery
  • Customisable time-frame. Full-days and half-day as per your convenience.

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