Masterclass demand planning/forecasting

Cycle Supply Chain Planning

Masterclass Pragmatic Inventory Management, Masterclass Demand Planning / Forecasting

Many companies still see Demand Planning / Forecasting as a necessary evil and you still often hear that a forecast is always wrong.

Many different things come into the picture within Demand Planning & Forecasting. For example, the prediction of future demand for products and services is central, but so is the determination of production and distribution possibilities. Organizations realize how important this is for their success.

With the Demand Planning & Forecasting training you will gradually gain insight into the decisive processes and techniques involved, but also in the last advancements in Forecasting like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the use of external data sources, collaborative Forecasting and the use of improved Forecast Accuracy techniques.

Optimact and PICS Belgium have developed a unique and very practical training based on their extensive experience

This 2 day training is part of the Cycle Supply Chain Planning consisting of:

Training options

Instructor led

2 days training from 9 until 17h.
Bring your own laptop!

  • non members: 975 € + VAT
  • PICS-members: 877,15 € + VAT
  • Save up to 30% by using “KMO Portefeuille
  • Including lunch and coffee breaks


Inhouse training

  • On-site instructor-led delivery
  • Customisable time-frame. Full-days and half-day as per your convenience.

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Gain insight in the field of demand planning and forecasting, based on the current situation at your own employer.

  • Predict the future demand for your products in a better way
  • Improve the delivery performance to your customers and reduce your stock levels at the same time
  • Coordinate sales and production in a more efficient way
  • Learn the importance of a good forecast for the rest of the Supply Chain Planning
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