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SUPPLY CHAIN RESILIENCE, an answer to anticipate crisis situations ?

Economic crisis, tsunami, hurricane, strikes, epidemic flu …
Events that were once considered “black swans” now seem to be an almost regular occurrence. They don’t appear more regularly, but in a globally interconnected business environment, problems that used to remain isolated now have far-reaching impacts. At the same time, customer expectations and product life¬cycles continue to shift and companies face longer logistics lead times increasing the exposure to unforeseen events.

Classic risk management methods have proven inefficient in addressing these new supply chain risks. Many companies are operating with insufficient coverage of key risks: it is easier to insure a company’s own facility than it is to insure against disruptions related to multi-tiered suppliers in multiple, far-flung locations.
Having a “resilient supply chain” in place to mitigate these risks and dampen the effect of a catastrophic event should be a top of mind subject for all executives.

Creating a resilient supply chain is more than identifying and managing risks. It seems that resilience should be designed in. Secondly, supply chains will normally extend across different corporate entities and there will need to be collaborative working if risk is to be identified and managed. Thirdly resilience implies agility. Being able to react quickly to unpredictable events is clearly a distinct advantage in an uncertain environment.

In this seminar we will develop what the latest trends are in Supply Chain Risk management and how resilient supply chains can be set up.


  • 13:30
    • Introduction
  • 13:40
    • “Building a resilient Supply Chain” by Prof.Per Agrell, Louvain Management School
  • 14:25
    • “An approach to Supply Chain Risk Management” by Danny Boeykens, Möbius
  • 15:10
    • Coffee
  • 15:30
    • “Setting up Supply Chain monitoring and agility to manage events” by Roger Bloemen, Sonoco
  • 16:15
    • “Supply Chain Pooling : collaborate to anticipate and mitigate” by Prof. Pierre Semal, Louvain Management School
  • 17:00
    • Conclusion and network drink.


  • Thursday, 31 January 2013


  • Ramada Plaza Antwerp, Desguinlei 94 te 2018 Antwerpen


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