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    With the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program, you can take your career and organization in a new and exciting direction.
    Shape your future, align your goals, and distinguish yourself from the competition.  In this challenging global marketplace, only the most  well-trained, well-educated professionals will be sought after by employers and valued by organizations.  Join their ranks today by earning the APICS CSCP designation.

    DISTINGUISH yourself as a SUPPLY CHAIN EXPERT and significantly reduce costs in your organization.

    • INTERNATIONAL APICS-Certification

      APICS – The Association for Operations Management – is a not-for-profit international educational organization, known throughout the world for its education and professional certification programs, advancing productivity, innovation and competitive success.

      APICS offers 2 internationally recognized certification programs

      • APICS CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management)
      • APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)

      PICS Belgium is the official APICS associate for Belgium.


      • The APICS CSCP certification encompasses the entire global supply chain.
      • The APICS CSCP sets the standard for certification.  It is administered in 72 countries and preferred by leading companies worldwide.
      • Employers and recruiters seek APICS CSCP designees.
      • The APICS CSCP increases your professional value and secures your future.

      By earning the APICS CSCP designation, you will demonstrate significant commitment to your profession and your career, distinguish yourself as an industry expert, and excel with your newly acquired specialized knowledge.


      From day one, you can apply your APICS CSCP program knowledge to solve everyday work issues. Your knowledge and expertise will make you more valuable in your organization. Companies that sponsor all or part of their employees’ tuition will gain a return on investment in the form of long-term loyalty and more productive employees.

      With APICS CSCP, your employees will have :

      • the proven knowledge and organizational skills to strategically streamline operations
      • the tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities that involve suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers located around the world
      • the skills to create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate wide communication
      • an understanding of the valuable technologies that drive planning and management of successful operations.


      • The  APICS CSCP Learning System is a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation program.
      • It consists of 3 print modules and web-based study tools that reflect the entire APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual (ECM) and provides you with a broad view of global end-to-end supply chain management.
      • The APICS CSCP Learning System is enhanced to support the recent structural and content changes to the APICS CSCP exam.


      • Possess at least three (3) or more years of supply chain related work experience
      • Hold a conferred bachelors’ degree or the international equivalent*

      *APICS defines the international equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree as the level of study that would qualify an individual for a graduate program in the country where the undergraduate degree was earned.

      • The APICS CSCP exam tests your knowledge of advanced topics.
      • For more information  : see “Exams”.


    • Earning your CSCP

      • To earn the CSCP designation, candidates must pass one, four-hour comprehensive exam.
      • The exam will consist of 175 multiple-choice questions and will be delivered computer based testing (= CBT).
      • For more information  : see “Exams”.

    • Module 1 : APICS Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

      • Broad concepts of supply chain management, including primary processes, objectives, integration methods and benefits.
      • Alignment of supply chain and business strategiesKey considerations for supply chain design and continuous improvement.
      • Key measures for planning and controlling inventories.
      • Fundamentals of logistics in supply chain management.
      • Identifying and managing market segments.
      • Demand forecasting and management techniques.
      • Keys to effective CRM.
      • Core concepts of supply management

    • Module 2 : APICS Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance

      • Sustainability practices in design and operation of a supply chain.
      • Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods.
      • Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the impact of free trade zones and trading blocs.
      • Globalization effects on inbound and outbound logistics.
      • Measurement of, and efficiency and responsiveness in the supply chain.
      • Technologies for design, data, operations and communications in supply chain management.
      • Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders.
      • Core concepts of CRM, including strategies, technologies, and key implementation challenges.
      • Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM), including strategies, improved management of sources, relevant technologies and measurement.
      • Inventory planning and control methods

    • Module 3 : APICS Implementation and Operations

      • Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency.
      • Managing supply from internal and external sources.
      • Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization and fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data.
      • Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement strategies.

    • Comprehensive Print Materials

      • 5 books with approximately 1.000 pages of content.
      • Progress check questions at the end of each section.
      • Organized information from more than 150 references.

    • Interactive Web-Based Components

      • Pretest to determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you create a customized study plan based on your individual needs.
      • Timed section-specific tests off er immediate feedback, answer rationales, and reference the relevant sections in the text so you can review problem areas.
      • Timed post-test to determine your progress.
      • Progress report revealing the web-based tools you’ve completed to date and how well you have mastered the material.
      • E-flashcards with relevant terms and definitions, and an online glossary for quick reference.
      • Practice test bank of more than 900 multiple-choice questions.
      • Access to the Resource Center, including a complimentary electronic download of the 2012 ECM, additional study resources, and test-taking tips.
      • Earn a certificate of Achievement by scoring 80% or higher on the post-test.

    • S P R I N G

      • Duration
        • 8 sessions
      • Dates :
        • Monday, February 22, 2016
        • Monday,February 29, 2016
        • Monday, March 7, 2016
        • Monday, March 14, 2016
        • Monday, March 21, 2016
        • Monday, April 11, 2016
        • Monday, April 18, 2016
        • Monday, April 25, 2016
      • Timings :
        • 18:30 – 21:30

    • Computer Based Testing (CBT)

      • APICS will deliver its exams exclusively in computer-based testing (CBT) format and standardize registration and testing procedures around the globe.
      • More general information : click here


      • Do you already have an APICS-user ID or are you a new user ?
      • An APICS ID number is required if you want to schedule an exam.
      • So if you are a new user and if you want to create a profile now, please complete the form to receive an APICS ID number.
      • Then, follow the instructions on the “Success! Screen” to access your APICS-user ID and receive content that is customized just for you.


      • To earn your APICS CSCP designation, you must pass one comprehensive exam.
      • Prior to taking the exam, you must be eligible, so all APICS CSCP candidates need to apply for eligibility before taking the exam.
      • Eligibility applications must be received two weeks prior to the day you register for the exams.
      • To be eligible for the APICS CSCP, a candidate must meet one of the following criteria :
        • hold a conferred bachelor’s degree or equivalent
        • hold an APICS CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, C.P.M., CSM or CPSM designations
        • possess at least 3 years of related business experience
      • Application process :
        • Candidates must complete the online application at
        • Fill out the application form and provide current contact information.
        • Candidates will receive immediate status approval notification upon submission of application.

      APICS reserves the right to randomly audit candidates’ qualifications and experience prior to approval.
      Candidates who have been randomly chosen for audit will also receive an immediate notification when applying along with detailed application audit instructions.


      • PICS Belgium will buy the exam voucher for you and send you an invoice.
      • Standard tariff per CSCP exam voucher  :
        • 935 € per exam voucher + 21% VAT =  1.131,35 €
      • Therefor please send a mail to with the following information, so PICS can buy the exam voucher  :
        • First Name :
        • Last Name :
        • Email address :
        • APICS ID-nr :
        • Has your eligibility been approved ? yes / no
        • Exam : CSCP
        • Country where you would like to do this exam (normally : Belgium) :
        • Invoice address :
        • PO-nr necessary ? yes/ no
          • if yes, please send me this number as soon as possible


      •  As soon as PICS has bought this exam voucher, you will receive a mail with further instructions and you will have to request an “ATT-request” (Authorization to Test) .


      •  As soon as your ATT OK, you will receive a mail with further instructions regarding how to schedule this exam via Pearson VUE -> different possibilities regarding locations and testing windows.
      • What is a testing window (or exam window) ?
        • Exams will be delivered in 4 windows per year outside of North America.
        • A window is the period of time during which the exams will be available through Pearson VUE.
        • The planned testing windows for 2016 outside of North America are :
          • 19 March – 7 May
          • 4 June – 2 July
          • 13 August – 10 September
          • 29 October – 10 December


  • Exam windows 2016 (as from – till)

    • 19 March  – 7 May
    • 4 June – 2 July
    • 13 August – 10 September
    • 29 October – 10 December

    • non-PICS members

      • training :
        • 1.350 € p.p. + 21% VAT
      • the CSCP Learning System (which is the mandatory APICS course material) :
        • 1.100 € p.p. + 21% VAT
      • exam voucher  :
        • 995 € p.p. + 21% VAT
    • PICS members

      • training :
        • 1.290 € p.p. + 21% VAT
      • the CSCP Learning System (which is the mandatory APICS course material) :
        • 1.100 € p.p. + 21% VAT
      • exam voucher  :
        • 995 € p.p. + 21% VAT

    • KMO Portefeuille

      •  PICS Belgium is recognized by the Flemish government as a certified training center.
      • This means you can save up to 50% by using “KMO portefeuille” (this is only applicable on the training fee | not on the learning material nor catering | not on the VAT-amount).kmo portefeuille 194x60 pixels

    Click here for more information regarding our PICS-membership !




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