AI & Supply Chain Workshop

AI & Supply Chain Workshop

28/05/2024 09:00 - 06/06/2024 17:00 Gumption, Kontich

The buzzword of the coming years is and will be “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence.” But what does it exactly mean? And what implications does it have for me? How should I incorporate it into my long-term strategy? And how will it change my business in the coming years, months, weeks…? These are the questions addressed in the workshop program by PICS Belgium and valueXstream. Over the course of 2 workshops, we embark on an adventure into the AI jungle to tame this “beast”.

When ?

  • 2024, May 28 and June 6
  • Gumption, Satenrozen 10 – Kontich

What ?

  • Workshop day 1 from 9 until 17h
  • Workshop day 2 from 13 till 17h
  • English unless all participants are Dutch speaking


  • Gain clarity on AI concepts and its evolution
  • Explore AI applications in the supply chain
  • Develop strategies for integrating AI into your organization.


Price for both workshops, including sandwich lunch

  • PICS–members: 877,50 € + 21% VAT
  • Non members: 975  + 21% VAT


Day 1

Part 1 – Separating fact from fiction about AI

  • What is AI?
    • Understanding the differences between automation, robots, cobots, AI, and machine learning.
  • History and future of AI
    • Exploring the evolution and potential trajectory of AI.
  • Examples of common AI applications
    • Highlighting well-known AI applications and their impact.
  • Examples of known automations
    • Examining prevalent automation practices.

Part 2 – AI in today’s supply chain

  • Domains for AI implementation
    • Identifying areas where AI can be effectively utilized in supply chain operations, including demand forecasting, inventory management, route optimization, warehouse automation, and supply chain visibility.
  • Prerequisites for AI implementation
    • Discussing the necessary elements for deploying AI, such as (big) data and machine learning.
  • Examples of AI in supply chain
    • Showcasing real-world examples of AI integration in supply chain management.

Day 2

Part 3 – Developing an AI strategy for your enterprise

  • Case study
    • Reviewing case studies to understand AI implementation in various contexts.
  • Identifying meaningful AI applications
    • Determining where AI can deliver significant value for specific clients.
  • Determining optimal entry points
    • Establishing when it makes sense to engage in different AI scenarios based on the business case.



Tom Cant


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