Training course Warehouse Physics

Training course Warehouse Physics

19/03/2024 09:00 - 26/03/2024 17:00 Hotel Serwir, Sint-Niklaas

Distribution centres and warehouses play a crucial role in keeping supply chain and distribution networks operational. Besides operational costs, the focus is on customer service expressed in quality of service, responsiveness and flexibility. The Warehouse Physics concept wants to analyse the warehouse operation based on a concept of flows and buffers and steer it towards optimisation.

With a 2-day training  PICS Belgium and Value Chain want to explain the possibilities and strengths of this concept, as well as its applicability to our Distribution Centres.

When ?

  • 2024, March 19 and 26
  • Hotel Serwir, Koningin Astridlaan 57, 9100 Sint-Niklaas

What ?

  • 2-day training from 9 until 17h
  • English unless all participants are Dutch speaking


  • Introduction of Warehouse Physics en lean warehousing
  • The closed loop system
  • Analysis of buffers and flows: methods and techniques
  • Properties of the buffers and flows
  • Determining the system objectives and setting KPIs
  • Determination of the system variables for control and planning


Price for this 2-day training, including lunch

  • PICS–members: 775 € + 21% VAT
  • Non members: 975  + 21% VAT


Day 1

Warehouse Physics Part I

Warehouse operations are subject to inherent relationships which trace back to flow dynamics principles present in all flow systems. However, warehouse systems have specific characteristics which urge for special modelling attention.

Part A

  • Warehousing as a flow system
  • Flow systems dynamics
  • Warehousing as a special set of flow systems

Part B (Basics)
Three key warehouse parameters revisited:

  • Inventory
  • Lead time
  • Throughput

Part C (Laws applied)

  • Applications of warehouse physics: the mathematical implementations
  • Hands-on mathematics

Day 2

Warehouse Physics Part II

The concept of the “closed system” in the warehouse.

  • Explaining the case we are working on and calculating through the different topics, including management objectives
  • Characteristics of buffers and flows in the warehouse to function within the closed system
  • Handling units in the warehouse moving through the flow and buffers and transformation of the handling units
  • Characteristics of the resources and their limitations to realise the flows
  • Impact of the concept on the organisation of the operation and the layout of the warehouse
  • Planning and control model with explanation of algorithms to calculate the best fit within the closed system given variability of some inputs
  • Performance measurement in this concept
  • Linking the “closed system” to the warehouse environment (transport, production, purchasing and inventory management, …)
  • Expected benefits and risks of this concept


Nico Vandaele
Jan De Kimpe



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